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Introducing the code-free web-based app and the new way to send business SMS messages. Send reminders, last-minute deals, or urgent texts, all from our messaging platform, straight to your customers’ phone.

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add your contacts

Add your SMS contacts

With our market-leading click-flow message builder, copy and paste up to 50 numbers via quick message, or use bulk message to upload multiple contacts with and without personalised fields, in either excel or csv formats.

write the message

Write your SMS message

Send branded SMS marketing with a built-in automatic opt-out. Or get instant replies and official opt-in’s with your notification based texts, by including keywords. Insert a trackable mini-URL to create genuine engagement.

send your text

Send your SMS message

Push your message out immediately in quick message, or use bulk message to upload, schedule, repeat and personalise as many messages as you need. View results in real-time, or download a full report for each campaign.

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'There is nothing quite like Oello. Registration was a doddle, the interface fresh and engaging, the system intuitive and extremely user-friendly. We've got four people using it at different times of the day each with their own login details.’
'Wow! Saved us loads of time. We now confirm all our weekly bookings, each with a different time slot using the ‘Personalise’ upload function at the start of the week. Added bonus, is that we can set up a reminder with a tick of a box.’
'We use Oello to communicate to our engineers and update site contacts for installations. Having a reply function has allowed immediate progress updates to the office, without putting any further demand on our inbound calls.'

Get your message out to your customers, quicker. Open your account today and receive your free credits instantly.

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  • Why send text messages?

    It’s simple really. Text messaging is officially the most popular form of communication. At home, at work, on the move. Everywhere.

    If you receive a text, it’s direct to your phone, it’s personal and demands your immediate attention.

    Most messages are delivered within 7 seconds and 90% of those are read within 5 minutes. Best of all and completely unlike business email, the person reading the message is most likely the person you wanted to receive it.

    This makes the sending of quick short messages the most powerful form of direct customer communication a business could ever employ.

    Oello, just makes it easier for you to use and understand effectively.

  • What do I need to start?

    To create a free online and secure account, we only need a few details to get you registered.

    Namely, we need your name, company name, mobile number, business email address and an 11 character Sender ID (what people see when you text them from Oello).

    Once you have set a password and agreed to our Agreement, your account will be validated with a ‘text verification’ for security.

    After you login in for the first time, we’ll ask you about your personal preferences and confirm a few business details.

    Then, you’re ready for the world of business-related texts.

  • Can I try first?

    Absolutely, after registration is complete, we automatically preload your account with 25 free credits for you to fully test-drive Oello immediately.

    Once these credits have been used, you are able to purchase more via the ‘top-up’ page whilst logged in.

    You will need a credit card to make payment and the minimum order value is 1000 credits. Once the payment has been processed successfully, the credits will be updated to your account balance within a few seconds.

  • How reliable are oello texts?

    No other form of communication offers businesses the speed and reliability of business texting. Oello enjoys a delivery rate of over 98% of messages submitted to the system.

    The reason it can’t be 100% is down to a number of variables, namely these include the use of technology, the internet, and the end-users mobile network coverage. In addition, delivery rates can also be affected by the mobile number being disconnected, the device not powered on or simply a typo in your customers mobile number, etc.

    Through your account dashboard, you will be able to see exactly what has been delivered, failed or sent (without delivery receipt). By accessing your message history, you will be able to download a full report detailing the delivery status of every single number relating to your previous SMS campaigns.

  • What kind of texts are there?

    Before you start to send your customers any type of text message through Oello, you must ensure that you have the correct permissions from your customer to allow you to do this.

    Oello permits you to send two different types of text messages, one is marketing and the other is for notification purposes.

    With the introduction of GDPR, businesses are now accountable and must show how they use, store and process an individual’s personal data, this includes a record of when the person opted in to receive any marketing communication via SMS from your company.

    Sending a notification text, as in a message to update or to confirm is okay as long as texting forms part of your business service and is clearly detailed in your Privacy Policy.

    Please note, that a notification text with marketing at the end of the message may still be classed as unsolicited marketing, so we recommend if you are in any doubt whether you have the correct permissions, please refrain from sending your text until you are satisfied you have the customers consent.

    Our system has been designed to identify any type of SPAM messages sent through our platform – by using our service you agree to follow our Anti-Spam Policy. Any evidence of users not adhering to this policy will cause immediate suspension of their associated Oello account, pending an investigation.